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RRP Implemetation Workshop Marlborough, Mass. on 5/19/2011

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, May 13, 2011 @ 07:13 PM

We are fast approaching the date of our next RRP Implementation Workshop on 5/19/2011 in Marlborough, Mass.

Contractors in Mass are starting to see the effects of enforcement from the former DOS now called the DLS (Division of Labor and Standards). Just this week a Newton Building Inspector warned contractors to be on the look out for the inspectors.

Many contractors who were trained last year are just starting to look at their RRP Manual. They are finding that a year has gone by and they cannot remember everything they must do or where to start.

A solution to this dilemna is the RRP Implementation Workshop on 5/19/2011 in Marlborough, Mass.

We have National Remodeling Industry Expert Shawn McCadden, Containment expert Chris Zorzy, Insurance Expert Tom Messier, Attorney Mike Sams for contract issues and myself top cover marketing, OSHA issues and more.

Who should attend; onwers, production manager, sales staff, office manager, lead carpenters.

If your subs are having a hard time following the program this would be good for them as well.

RRP Implementation Workshop

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