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Shrouds for RRP work

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, May 14, 2011 @ 08:43 AM

Contractors report that finding shroud attachments for hand powered tools is challenging. Most lumberyards and big box stores have not caught up yet with supplying their contractor clients with the supplies they need for RRP work. Many complain that they cannot find tools with shrouds for drilling and drywall cutting. We hear the same from contractors in our RRP Implementation Workshops. Here are links to manufacturers' that will save you some time searching for shrouds.

Conservation Strategies; Drill with shroud

Drill Dust Control Shield/Shroud Control Dust While Drilling by attaching the Drill Shield to your drill and Nilfisk or CFM HEPA vacuum.

The Drill Shield is a professional quality hand tool for the effective control of toxic and nuisance dusts while drilling or cutting holes. Engineered to attach to most drills and work as a single unit, a standard 6" drill bit can penetrate materials easily while a rubber pleated casing captures the extracted dust. As the material is drilled, the drill nozzle compresses without hindering operation and ensures that the bit is shrouded, containing the dust. Ideal for plunging holes in a variety of substrates, the precise pairing of vacuum and tool is designed to comply with OSHA standards.

Inline Distributing Company; drywall or plaster saw

                       Kett Saw With Vac Shroud - KSV-432

The Kett KSV-432 saw is a tool designed for quickly cutting drywall, fiberglass and plaster products. The vac head accepts the hose from your HEPA vacuum to collect debris as you cut. Great for close quarters where plunge or straight cut-outs are needed. Also accepts 2” or 2-1/2” high-speed blades for metal or laminate panel cutting!
Dustless Technologies; Videos on many shroud attachments

Link to videos on how to use ductless technology shrouds

Link to dustless technologies shroud attachments

Dustie Dust Shroud BitBuddie Dust Shroud


(discriptions above from companies on line catalogs)

Another common complaint we hear from general contractors and remodelers is that sub trades (electricians, plumbers, painters, plasterers) do not have the proper tools to control the dust and debris. If you have sub trades who say they cannot find the right tools send them the above links and let them know that a "clean job is a happy job". A clean job leads to a happy customer. A happy customer is more likely to refer you. An unhappy customer will surely be less inclined to refer you. Instead they may tell others not to use you. Remind your employees and subs often that working clean is vital to generating referrals for future work. Don't assume or take it for granted that your employees and subs will always keep cleanliness in mind.  This effort can lead to clean jobs and help keep you in compliance with RRP and OSHA.

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