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OMG; EPA announces RRP contractor enforcement in Maine of all places

Posted by Mark Paskell on Mon, May 16, 2011 @ 02:09 PM

Most contractors thought they would never see the day where the EPA would actually provide proof of RRP enforcement on contractors who blatantly violate the RRP Law. EPA Badge                       

Well today we learned the EPA Region 1 headquarters released (see article) word that they are bringing enforcement actions against a Maine contractor. I admit my tone is somewhat sarcastic however I believe that this action is a long time coming. I field calls everyday from RRP compliant contractors who are seeing jobs done by the underground contracting community in every market. Compliant contractors have spent money on RRP training, firm certification, equipment purchases, additional insurance coverage for lead, revisions to their contracts and setting up documentation retrieval processes. They have been asking for months when is the enforcement going to begin? Meanwhile illegally operating contractors are stealing jobs from the marketplace. Homeowners are looking at contractors who talk about RRP with three heads.

I am actively beating the drum for a level playing field in our industry. I have the support of hundreds of guys who do the right thing to keep the pressure on to create the elusive level playing field.

With that said I commend the EPA on starting the process of enforcing the RRP Law in Maine. Next we want to see enforcement on those who have not certified. legitimate contractors want to see the EPA enforce against the underground contracting community. These groups include the undocumented, laid off workers who would rather collect and work on the side for cash than get a real job, off duty fireman and teachers and last but not least contractors who have said the heck with the EPA.

I spoke with Region 1 headquarters about this job months ago and they said it is under review. I am glad they saw it through. Here is the video.......

I will post the EPA Press enforcement release in the next post.

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