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Contractors report RRP inspectors enforcing on North Shore in Mass

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, May 31, 2011 @ 10:03 AM

A North Shore, Mass contractor reported that RRP inspectors were out enforcing the Mass RRP Lead Law. The information was shared at the local paint store with other contractors.

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Contractor caught violating RRP in Rockport, Ma.

Here are the details; a Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor (MLSRC) saw a painting job in progress in Rockport, Ma. He saw another contractor grinding and sanding paint off an older home. There was no plastic down, no tarps, no personal protective equipment for the men grinding, no signage and no barriers. Paint dust and debris were flying everywhere. The MLSRC has seen numerous violating contractors in the area before and this time reported the project to the Mass Department of Labor Standards (formerly the DOS). 

DLS Chief Inspector Brian Wong sent out his inspector from the Haverhill office to the jobsite the next day. The inspector found numerous RRP violations and found out that the contractor was trained on the 8 hour RRP course, was a Certified Firm with the EPA but was not licensed in Mass.

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The report goes on to say that the local paint store was warning contractors that DLS was doing a sweep for violators in the North Shore area. After hearing the news contractors were loading up on supplies for RRP work. The news of this enforcement action spread within two days of the initial call.

Many contractors who have paid the price to RRP certify, train, buy the equipment and implement the practices are reporting that they are sick and tired of seeing non compliant contracting work. I am seeing an increase in the number of contractors who formerly were not interested in dropping a dime to now they will. Contractors tell us the sudden change is a result of losing a lot of work to illegally operating contractors who do not follow the rules, uneducated homeowners and lack of enforcement.

Are we at the tipping point in Mass where RRP Licensed contractors driving by are now willing to report RRP violators to the DLS?

Next RRP training for North Shore Mass contractors and sub trades is this Friday June 3rd at Brockway Smith in Andover Mass.

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