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EPA RRP Clearance Amendment Under Review, WSJ Article

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Jun 25, 2011 @ 01:29 PM

The EPA will make a decision on July 15th on 3rd party clearance. Take a look at the OMB report and the estimated costs to the industry. 

Final Rule on EPA RRP Clearance Amendment at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Office of Management and Budget.

Your Industry Needs Your Help

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) teamed up with Wall Street Journal Writer Sarah Needleman to write an important article. The piece describes how the remodeling industry is getting nailed negativelyby the EPA due to the added costs of 3rd party clearance. This amendment is going to add hundreds of millions of dollars to remodeling and home improvement projects. NARI and responsible contractors support reasonable requirements to protect all concerned form the damages caused by lead paint. However this 3rd party requirement is an unfunded mandate and is totally unneccessary. We believe that remodeling is responsible for lowering lead paint poisoning cases more than the recent efforts of nanny state over reaching regulators.

Please go to the article and leave a comment. These comments will be presented to government officials. Your voice is important please help us.

From Gwen Biasi (

Yesterday, a Wall Street Journal reporter, Sarah Needleman responded to us quickly and positively when we pitched a story to her about how the EPA LRRP and soon-to-come “Lead Clearance Rule” negatively impacts remodeling businesses, of which the large majority are classified as small businesses. She gave a few points of data from NARI’s recent survey to the industry on LRRP, and we’ve been sharing the story with contacts on Capitol Hill.

What you can do now… go to the link below and see the story, and make a comment on it.  The more comments from different remodeling businesses and employees, the better.  It makes NARI’s voice louder, both in the media and on Capitol Hill.  And, it makes the reporter look good to her bosses, and we appreciated the 4-hour turnaround on the story, from initial pitch to posting on her widely-read blog.  If we have another story in the future, she’s more likely to help And we also appreciate Morgan Zenner here on staff, who made the pitch, followed up, and worked with the reporter quickly and efficiently to provide stats she needed to get her story done.

Please take a look at the story and comment on it… even if only a sentence or two… you will find the comments section if you scroll all the way down on this link below:

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