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Are you marketing your contractor remodeling business locally?

Posted by Mark Paskell on Wed, Jun 29, 2011 @ 08:24 AM

Contractors Report 2011 Sales Are Up Over 2010; Are Your's?

In a recent article from Leah Thayer's Daily 5   d5r logo resized 600newsletter she references the April Case Shiller  report. Contractors interviewed have reported 2011 sales are way up over the previous year. One huge observation is the work is coming from the local area.

How is it possible that some remodeling and contracting companies are having a great year in a down economy?

These companies are very successful because they are proactive marketing their businesses to their past clients, current clients and the local area. They have made the decision to persevere and ignore what everyone else says about the bad economy. They know that they must keep their outlook and attitude positive in spite of what everyone else says and the economic reality. They  have a marketing plan that produces leads that match their target customer. They invest in that plan. They track and measure the results with the same scrutiny they use to manage their check book. They either do it themselves internally or they outsource it. They have a website that is properly optimized by a professional internet marketing expert, not a wannabe self proclaimed internet marketing exert. The most important decision they have made is they know as a business owner they must produce viable leads if they want to succeed. They believe that there is no excuse sufficient to justify not marketing effectively.

In a recent article by Hubspot a question was asked;

What should a business owner do if the do not have the time to effectively market their business?

The answer; find or make the time before your competition does!

The economic challenges present unique opportunities for those who choose to recognize them. As more and more remodelers and contractors fail there will be less to service the consumer. In the bargain some contracting business owners will effectively capitalize on the opportunity and grow substantially. It is already happening in many markets. If it is not happening in your market it is your opportunity to move in and create your own opportunity. If you don't just wait a short time and you will see someone else emerge. Later you will say how did they do it?

The question is will you be one of the contracting companies left standing when the economy returns or will you be left behind in the dust?

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