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EPA RRP video; how to fill out Certified Firm Application

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Aug 25, 2011 @ 08:25 PM

The EPA recently released a YouTube video showing how to fill out the EPA RRP Certified Firm application.

EPA Certified Firm Application Youtube Video

Many contractors receive their RRP Certified Renovator training and then wait months to Certify their firms. After the long delay they forget what they learned in the class and are not sure how to fill out the form. Something usually happens that triggers the action to become certified. Here are a few reasons from contractors who are now certifying their companies months afte they were trained.

  • A new prospect asks to see their Certified Firm certificate to qualify for the project.
  • A General Contractor they are working for as a sub says they need the Certified Firm license if they want to work on the GC's projects.
  • The contractors insurance company says they will either cancel or not renew the general liability insurance coverage.
  • The contractor has a pre 1978 job coming up.
  • The property management company is now requiring it.
  • The Big Box Stores, Lowes and Home Depot are requiring that installers are Certified Firms.
  • A contractor heard a rumor that someone just got nailed by the EPA.

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