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Landlord Project Shut Down By Mass RRP Enforcement (DOLS)

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, Sep 16, 2011 @ 10:57 AM

A Worcester Mass Landlord attended our Mass RRP Training in Auburn on Wednesday. She told us she was there because her renovation project was shut down by the Mass Department of Labor Standards. The DOLS enforcement officer told her she cannot do work on a pre 1978 rental property unless she was RRP certified and licensed as a Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor. The officer said because she collects rents that is her compensation and the rule is triggered.

Who dropped the dime on the landlord?                   mass state seal

I asked the landlord if she knew how the state found out about her project. She said she thinks it was a contractor who was doing other work on the property that dropped a dime on the landlord. The contractor mentioned to her that she was suppose to be RRP Licensed.

Landlords Must Be RRP Certified and Licensed

If you don't know the RRP Law (both EPA and Mass) requires that all landlords and property owners comply with the RRP Lead Law when working on pre 1978 properties. If you own pre 1978 multi-family and collect rents that is your compensation which triggers the RRP Lead Law. If a landlords lives in the investment property they are exempt from following RRP in their unit but must comply when they do work in common areas, other units and the exterior.

Many multi-family property owners have not complied with the law are subject to fines and penalties just like contractors.

Realtors and Banks Must Be RRP Certified and Licensed

On another note I spoke with DOLS and they also require banks who own forcelosed pre 1978 properties to be RRP Licensed. In addition if a realtor takes a listing and is responsible for authorizing construction work on a foreclosed or short sale property they too must comply with the RRP Lead Law and acquire their RRP Lead License and RRP Training. 

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