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Mass Consumer Affairs Conducts Craig's List Contractor Sting

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, Sep 16, 2011 @ 01:49 PM

Today I was informed by OCABR that they conducted a contractor sting on a home in Brimfield, Ma. A representative from Consumer Affairs told me that an add was posted on Craig's List soliciting contractor bids on a home in a small community outside Springfield, Ma.


The home located in Brimfield, Ma is a foreclosed home. The OCABR employees set up shop in the home that needs extensive repairs. Contractors from Craig's List were asked to provide an estimate for various repairs and improvments. The contractors were asked if they were registered. One contractor said it wasn't necessary. Another said they didn't know about being registered. After some dialogue and back and fourth questions contractors were told that they were now part of a contractor sting.

The non-compliant illegal contractors were advised that they have 30 days to comply and obtain their registration to legally work in the state of Massachusetts. Residential Contractors are required to apply for a registration number to offer or to perfom work on residential properties. Most home improvement and remodeling work requires this registration. Some work is exempt; ie; interior paintingg, flooring, landscaping, driveways.  

Brimfield is a very small town in the middle of nowhere. One would think that they are safe from enforcement in the smaller towns. However the strategy is to let contractors know that Consumer Affairs will go anywhere in the state to ensure that contractors are complying with the Mass Home Improvement Law.

The press release is below;

Massachusetts Contractor Sting Letter From OCABR 

To learn more about how to make sure you are compliant with Massachusetts Home Improvement Laws contact me.

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