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How to Hire Design/Build Remodeling and Home Improvement Contractors

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Sep 24, 2006 @ 05:04 PM

I have known Rick Roberge for over 25 years and I am amazed that sales training from Rick 25 years ago, is still helping me succeed today. He has slowly teased me in the past few months that I could probably be the author of a blog and that I have a lot to offer based on my many years of experience in the remodeling industry. Somehow he knew what to say at the right time to slowly churn the fire within me to a point where the only obvious action was to begin my blogging experience. Yesterday he invited me and made it easy for me to do the only thing that made sense. Act!!!!

I originally posted this blog on Rick’s blog. I am now posting it on mine. Thanks to Rick for the encouragement to make this happen.

For years, a fire has been burning inside me to speak about the subject of homeowners who have had the unfortunate experience of hiring the wrong contractor to work on their home. Week after week I have witnessed remodeling and home improvement projects done poorly by contractors. Homeowner after homeowner experienced shoddy workmanship, unfinished jobs, money taken with no work completed, the wrong materials used for the job and three month projects taking a year to complete. Is it any wonder that homeowners have developed a mistrust of contractors? In a recent government report consumers rated contractors as the most complaint ridden industry in the country! Worse than used car dealers!

The purpose of my blog will be to create a forum for homeowners to talk about how to prevent a bad contractor experience. My hope is that this forum will help homeowners become educated and informed on the importance of hiring the right contractor for their home improvement projects.

I look forward to the challenge ahead. If this endeavor saves one homeowner from experiencing a contractor nightmare, the time invested will be well worth the effort. I welcome any feedback or ideas for topics to discuss from our readers.

In addition to thanking Rick Roberge for this opportunity, I would like to thank the amazing Pete Caputa for his support and help regarding the blog concept. Pete has begun to blossom under the tutelage of Rick Roberge, just as I did over 25 years ago.

Well for now, my first post has been cast and I am excited about the new horizons that lie ahead.

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