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Advantages and disadvantages hiring the one man contractor

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Mar 23, 2008 @ 05:34 PM

In today’s challenging economy consumers are faced with the task of deciding if they should hire the one man show or the larger more established contracting companies. The money that can be saved hiring the smaller contractor can be very attractive. Smaller companies tend to have little overhead often working out of their home. Also they are usually the chief cook and bottle washer of the company. They sell, manage, install and service their work. If they need help they usually hire as needed. The advantages are significant savings on price and the man hired is usually the installer you bought the job from. The disadvantages are the project will usually take much longer and if something happens to the one man contractor the consumer usually ends up with an unfinished project having to be redone. The ultimate cost may exceed the cost of hiring the established contractor in the first place. 

The larger more established remodeling contractor will usually have a place of business other than his home. They will rely on systems and best practices in the industry. Their people will be trained on how to deliver the remodeling service. Projects will be managed and systematically produced in a shorter amount of time than the smaller one man company. If something happens to a carpenter working on the job the established firm will have a backup in place. In the beginning it will appear that this contractor will cost more than the one man show. However, just think what happens to the homeowner who hires the small one man contractor who underbids the job, can’t finish it because he is hurt or ran out of money to run his business. 

One man contractors who are careful that they don’t take on too much work and are good at what they do can be a real bargain. The smaller contractor is usually a safe bet for smaller projects like handyman work, windows, decks, doors and painting.

Larger more established contractors usually have more resources for the larger remodeling projects like additions, kitchens, and large scale remodeling.

Whatever you do be sure to know the capability of your contractor so you don’t become a contractor nightmare story. You usually get what you pay for!!!  


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