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Mass DOLS find many contractors working without RRP Licenses

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Nov 06, 2011 @ 07:35 PM

The State of Mass DLS (RRP Enforcement) announced that they are finding many contractors not complying with the RRP licensing requirement. All Mass contractors who work on pre 1978 properties are required to obtain their Mass Lead Safe Renovation License. Here is the application if you need it. This requirement also applies to property management firms, landlords, housing authorities, banks and realtors who manage foreclosures, institutions who own and rent pre 1978 residential properties, weatherization contractors and more.

        massachusetts                       The Mass Department of Labor Standards states;

" During field inspections, DLS enforcement staff have noted a significant percentage of LSRS-trained individuals on jobs where the contractor has not obtained an RRP license from DLS. We are asking all licensed training providers to stress to their students that contractors who perform RRP work are required to be licensed under the regualtion and that DLS officials will assess a civil penalty to an unlicensed contractor performing work covered by the regulation."

A few weeks back we received a call from a contractor who had his job shut down in Brookline, Ma for not having his Lead Safe Renovaton License. He was unable to work on this project for several days until he obtained the license. The homeowner and general contractor he worked for were not very happy with the delay.

I spoke with the DLS last week and we are told many contractors trained before Mass took over on 7/9/2011 are unaware or ignorant of the Mass changes. There are significant changes in the Mass RRP Law that are more stringent than the EPA RRP regulation. The most significant change is the OSHA Medical Monitoring and Respiratory requirements written into the Mass RR Lead Law.

With winter coming now might be a good time to learn these differences and implement them into your business so you do not have to deal with the hassles associated with failing a DLS inspection.

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