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Roofers electrocuted in Massachusetts; hit with13,800 volts

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, Nov 11, 2011 @ 02:15 PM

Yesterday two roofers were electrocuted on a residential roofing project in Bridgewater Massachusetts. They were raising a ladder and hit a wire. Officials said 13,800 volts went through the mens bodies. One was not breathing when help arrived and he was revived.

The company listed on the report is A-American Roofing. This unfortunate accident will be investigated by OSHA. The fines from this accident will be very costly.  It is not known if this roofing contractor has a fall protection plan required by OSHA in place.

All residential contractors are required as of 9/16/2011 to have a written fall protection plan in place and they must train their workers on the standards. The new fall protection standard requires contractors to use fall arrest systems, safety nets and guard rails. Part of the training involves ladder use around electrical wires. It is not known if the injured men were  trained on the required fall protections standards and safety programs.  

Here is the article.

Fall Protection Training                                            EPA/Mass RRP Training

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