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OSHA Fall Protection Training Ring's End Lumber in Connecticut

Posted by Mark Paskell on Wed, Dec 28, 2011 @ 09:01 PM

Ring's End Lumber in Stratford Connecticut has scheduled an OSHA Fall Protection Training on 1/12/2012. This training is designed to help residential builders, remodelers, roofer, painters, framers, siding, gutters and trade contractors comply with the OSHA Fall Protection Standard. The fall protection standard is in full effect and contractors were suppose to be complinat no later than 9/16/2011. Ring's End Lumber

OSHA requires all contractors who work 6 feet above lower levels to;

  • Have a written fall protection plan (recommend that you also have a safety manual customized to your company safety practices)
  • Use safety nets, guard rails and/or fall arrest systems to protect workers
  • Provide training for effective for workers
  • Document in writing that you have trained your workers
  • Verify that your workers are using the training on the job
  • Write site specific plans if you do not use safety nets, guard rails or fall arrest systems
  • Important note for general contractors; OSHA requires the main contractor on the job site to make sure that all workers including subs are compliant with the standard. If a general contractor hires a framer or roofer who is not working according to the fall protection standard and does not have the above items in place, both can be fined.

There have been several Connecticut contractors fined by OSHA this year. One was working in Stratford Connecticut. The following citation resulted in fines of $127,560.00 for Total Remodeling Services. OSHA inspectors have been instructed to look for violation on residential jobs. Recently Region 1 Braintree Compliance Specialist Tim Irving stated at an OSHA Awareness Seminar that Region 1 inspectors have been specifically told to stop by all residential jobs on their routes. If they see something obvious from the outside they are to go in and investigate. The contractor below is now on their severe offender list and will be for several years. Here is an excerpt from the publicized OSHA citation;

"Citation and Notification of Penalty

Company Name: Total Remodeling Services LLC

Inspection Site: 15 Denise Drive, Stratford, CT 06615


Citation and Notification of Penalty Company Name: Total Remodeling Services LLC Inspection Site: 15 Denise Drive, Stratford, CT 06615

Type of Violation: Willful

 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(13): The employer does not protect employee(s)engaged in residential construction activities 6 feet or more above a lower level from falling to that level:

"WORKSITE: This violation was most recently observed on 4/29/2011 at a worksite at 15 Denise Drive, Stratford, CT where guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems were not provided on a 5 in 12 pitched roof, exposing employees to falls between 15 and 22 feet.

Total Remodeling LLC has been previously cited for this practice, as described below."

To register for this important training at Ring's End Lumber on 1/12/2012 click here 

 Your training team is Safety Trainers, Inc and The Contractor Coaching Partnership, Inc.

      Joe Ceccerelli, OSHA Instructor                                   Mark Paskell

Certified Instructor, Joe Ceccarelli                     Contractor Coach, Mark Paskell

We hope to see you there.

mark the coach

                              fall protection training flier for Ring's End Lumber


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