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A reason for contractors to be an Eastern Mass NARI member

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Jan 29, 2012 @ 07:00 PM

Many of you know I am a big supporter of Eastern Mass NARI and being a member of a contractor trade organization. NARI is a great organization for remodelers and trades to meet with their peers and learn from one another. How about winning a job because you are a member of EMNARI?

Here is another great reason; EMNARI contractor wins project after homeowner is referred to EMNARI trade organization.

                            EMNARI              OCABR

Mass Office of Consumers Affairs and Business Regulation recently recommended EMNARI to a homeowner experiencing a contractor nightmare. EMNARI has formed an alliance with OCABR to help educate consumers about hiring professional and legal contractors. EMNARI's Government Affairs and Education board members speak often with OCABR officials seeking ways to level playing field for legitimate contractors. See the following report sent to me last week from a fellow EMNARI member.

Hi Mark,

I have an OCABR (Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation) story for you.  I just wanted you to know that I got a call from a frantic homeowner in Rockport MA who felt she had been taken advantage of by a local contractor.  She went to the OCABR.  Upon finding out that the company she went with had violated the HIC law, RRP law and had not finished work, etc, she asked OCABR who she could go to who was reputable.  OCABR told her to go to the NARI website and select a contractor or two...that they were ethical and professional.   So, homeowner did that, and ended up calling me.  She hired me as a consultant to come in and evaluate the problems and give quotes.  Some other local contractors were afraid to do it because of retribution from the original contractor (he must be a gem).   I have been working with the homeowner and she is, along with her attorney, going to arbitration.   She is on the right path, and relieved to have found me (aka, EMNARI and OCABR).

Just a nice OCABR story.  I like that they referred her to EMNARI...a giant step forward. Nice to know my dues for membership are making a difference and coming back to me.

Gary P. Morrison, CR
Certified Remodeler

Here is the link to EMNARI if you have interest in learning more about the organization or would like to join us for this Wednesday's dinner meeting.

Topic for EMNARI meeting on 2/1/2012; HIC  License; What you need to know

Our speaker is OCABR hearing officer Steven Zuilkowski. He will speak about the Mass Home Improvement Law and how it applies to residential contractors. Seats are still available. The topic qualifies for one CEU credit for CSL's.  

mark the coach

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