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Residential remodelers getting back to marketing basics

Posted by Mark Paskell on Mon, Feb 20, 2012 @ 09:59 PM

Contractors are starting to get busy with spring projects in the Boston and Metrowest Mass markets. Many clients are starting to see their marketing efforts pay off with more lead generation. These contractors are getting back to basic marketing they left when things were very busy and a blind squirrel could find work. Most of the basic steps cost little or no money.

In this post we will talk about a simple marketing practice that a contractor who has never built or used a data base can do to reconnect with his customer. All you need is a phone and your customer's phone number!

Here are the goals of this practice;

  • Reconnect with your customer
  • Obtain their correct contact information and most importantly their email for email newsletters.
  • New work
  • Referrals

If you have a database already you can use the same strategy and call to update existing files. The key here is to reconnect with your customers who probably haven't heard from you in a while. In fact some of your customers may have assumed you are out of business since they haven't heard from you since you completed their job. They may have already hired someone else because they forgot you or thought you forgot them!

Marketing Action; Call all of your past clients starting with the last job you did and go back until the list runs out. Before you call set up an excel spread sheet to enter their contact information. Print out the sheet, have a couple of pens and fill in the blanks as you acquire the information. This information then needs to be placed into the excel spread sheet. If you do this right you will be able to easily sort information later.

Here is a simple script to use; you should practice the flavor of the script and say it in your words. Remember before you call to smile as this comes through in your voice. Remember to set aside 15 to 20 minutes time for the conversation and do not ask them to hold for another call, you want to make them feel like they are the only person you are speaking to. 

You; Hi John this is Jerry from Jerry's Remodeling. How are you?

John; Great what's going on, how are you and how (or where) have you been.....

You; we are doing well and yes we are still here.

You; John the reason for my call is to say hello and update our customer files. We are converting our paper file system to the 21st century and putting it on our computer.

John; it's about time!

You; John would it be ok if we verify your contact information?

John; sure

You; Ok your still at the same address, phone, zip code ect                

John; yes

You; John how would you like to receive information from us, would you prefer email or would you prefer snail mail? (using snail mail makes it seem obvious that the new way is email. Of course if they are older or not interested in email you may need to mail to them.)

John; I would prefer email, I throw all my mail away because all I get is bills. (you may get a response like this)

You; ok John could you spell out your email so we can update your contact information and make sure you receive updates on us?

If you notice we are only reconnecting with our customer and we have not ask them for more work. These conversations with our previous customers can take 10 to 20 minutes. The beautiful thing about reconnecting is this is a fun phone call to someone who has had a pleasant experience with your service. The conversation may include reminising about the project and other details. Let the conversation go and rebond with them. If they are thinking about work in the near future they will often bring it up.

Once you know you have bonded with the client and they have not brought up the subject of work you can segway and ask them if they are planning any projects in the near future of long term.

Last if you feel comfortable ask them if they have a referral or know of a neighbor or relative who is considering a project.

This practice has many benefits for you and your company.

  • You reconnect with your customer.
  • They now know that you are still in business and they don't call someone else.
  • They know now that they are important to you because you called. 
  • You now have their contact information and can send them email newsletters to stay in touch.
  • You may even get a request to look at more work.
  • You may get a referral.

And one more thing; you feel great because after you have had 20 or 30 phone conversations with your happy customers a genuine feeling of gratitude overwhelms you. Because after all they said yes to you and your company and became your happy client.

Now take action and connect with all of your customers and don't stop until the last customer is called even if it is someone from 15 years ago. You never know where it will lead and it is a lot cheaper than Service Magic, Yellow Pages and Advertising.     

mark the coach

PS; if you need help with this call me at 978-422-6354

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