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Contractors, ready for OSHA sweeps? Fall Protection Training, 4/12/12

Posted by Mark Paskell on Mon, Apr 09, 2012 @ 10:40 PM

In a recent article we learned that OSHA will conduct sweeps of residential job sites in Region 1 sometime this spring throughout Massachusetts. The number one hot potato they are interested in is compliance with the new fall protection directive.

Fall Protection Training at National Lumber

                                 National Lumber

On Thursday 4/12/2012 I will be teaching a fall protection workshop at National Lumber in Mansfield, Mass. There are a few seats left for those who want to know how to be in compliance with the new OSHA Fall Protection directive. You will learn OSHA subpart M, L and X. I will teach you how to implement this training into your business. I will provide you with safety plans and numerous check lists to take back to your business.

To all General Contractors, Builders and Remodelers; OSHA Multiple Employer Fines

Many contractors are not aware of the risk they incur when hiring a sub contractor who is not compliant with OSHA Standards to work on their job sites. OSHA has a multi-employer fine provision where they fine both sub contractors and the general contractor, builder or remodeler. For example if your painter, roofer, or framer is fined for failure to use fall protection you the general can be fined along with them!

Contractors often ask how can they get sub contractors on board to follow the rules? A good approach is to use the workmen's compensation analogy. Our subs have to provide proof of comp coverage to work for the general or the general will have to cover the cost. The same is true for safety compliance. General's need to make sure they are not exposed to fines due to failure of subs to comply with OSHA safety standards. Already we are seeing many general contractors, builders and remodelers require proof of safety compliance to avoid hassles from OSHA and RRP enforcement. General contractors, builders and remodelers are refusing to let subs bid or work on their projects unless they can prove they are up to speed with OSHA fall protection compliance in addition to providing proof of workmen's compensation insurance.

Protect you business with a sub contractor agreement and indemnification clauses

In the OSHA general duty clause it is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe work place for all workers including employees and subs. That does not mean the general should train the subs, that is the professional responsibility of the sub contractor. General contractors need to make sure in the sub contractor contract agreement that the subs are in compliance with OSHA Standards. Next ask to see proof of their safety plan and training. If OSHA comes on the site and hits the sub for non compliance this process may insulate you against the multi employer fine.

GC, Builders, Remodelers are bringing their subs with them to our workshops to make sure everyone is on board with the fall protection standards. The goal is to make sure all are safe and not have a bad day if OSHA shows up on site.

Here is the link to reserve your seat (and your subs) for Fall Protection Training hosted by National Lumber on 4/12/2012 in Mansfield, Ma. Hope to see you and your subs there! 

3 CEU's for Mass CSL's through Safety Trainers, Inc.

Fall Protection 4/12/2012 National Lumber

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