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OSHA video on re-roofing fall hazards for residential contractors

Posted by Mark Paskell on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 07:54 PM

OSHA has produced fall protection videos called v-Tools for contractors in the residential construction industry. These videos are produced in both English and Spanish. In our fall protection training we are asked to provide tools to help with the training of employees.These videos can assist contractor employers who are required to train their workers on fall protection.

              Anchor point resized 600    Harness and lifeline    FP in a bucket

If you have not heard by now OSHA has rescinded the old interim fall protection standard and replaced it with a new one. In a nut shell contractor employers must implement this new standard when exposing workers to hazards 6" above a lower level. In the new residential standard contractors must train their workers on fall hazards and document the training. In addition contractors must have a written plan and require the use of safety nets, guard rails and/or fall protection systems when workers are exposed to fall hazards. We will provide a series of posts highlighting the new OSHA v-Tools.

Check out this re-roofing video, the first of four video posts.

I have provided the Spanish video for those who have Spanish speaking workers. 

OSHA v-Tool Re-roofing video in English



                              OSHA v-tool Re-roofing video in Spanish (Video de Prevencion)


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