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EPA RRP Fines mostly for paperwork violations; Paperwork in order?

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, Nov 16, 2012 @ 01:22 PM

EPA RRP fines announced this week were mostly for paperwork violations. The EPA has often stated that enforcement would center on the paperwork. Take a look at the 16 companies that were recently fined and you will see mainly documentation violations mixed in with a few work practice violations.

We are receving a lot of calls for advise on what companies need to do to make sure they are in compliance. Many of these contractors admit that they have not opened their book since they were trained and many have not certified their firms. Some lament that they thought the EPA would not enforce the rule. Many contractors are not even aware or up to speed on the RRP amendments instituted after 4/22/2010 Many have not implemented record keeping procedures. If the EPA comes calling they can go back to 4/22/2010 to request documentation for any project done on pre-1978 homes. Contractors who have no processes in place will likely fail an EPA audit.

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Here is the full list of contractors who were fined by the EPA. Based on the EPA announcement the largest potential fine is for a Massachusetts company is $3,800,000. Ouch!

Kindred Painting LLC Dover, NH

$2,730 fine – Not certified.  Work practice violation on 1 project. 

Universal Remodeling and Building, LLC Stratford, CT

$1,600 fine – Not certified, Work practice violation on 1 project.

DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding, Inc. Beacon Falls, CT

6 Window and Door projects

$23,600 fine – Certified Firm.  Paperwork violations

Collegiate Entrepreneurs, Inc. Braintree, MA

82 painting jobs

$3.8 million fine ($37,500 per violation for 101 violations) – Certified Firm.  Paperwork violations.

Exterior Images Derry, NH

$1,408 fine – Certified firm.  Paperwork violations and work practice violations.

Dasa Properties, LLC Buffalo, NY

$1,800 – Not certified, work practice violations (4 remodeling projects).

Leanza Painting Contractors, Inc. Morristown, NJ

$1,480 – Not certified, paperwork violation on 1 project.

Mac Stringer Painting and Staining Western New York

$23,800 – Certified firm, paperwork violations (3 projects).

PZ Painting Springfield, NJ

$23,800 – Not certified.  Paperwork violation  on 1 project.

Hometown Painting, Inc. Batavia, IL

No penalty – Not certified.  Paperwork violation and work practice violation on 1 project.

Alliance Contracting & Design Midland, MI

$5,558 fine – Not certified.  Paperwork violation on 1 project.

Scheffler Painting Trenton, MI

$1,008 fine – Not certified.  Paperwork violation.  Work practice violation on 1 project.

Spartan Painting Haslett, MI

$2,330 fine – Not certified.  Paperwork violation.  Work practice violation on 1 project.

Wildwood Apartments Jackson, MI

Renovation of common area of 36 unit apartment building

$3,000 fine – not certified.  Paperwork violation.  Work practice violation.

Sunshine Home Improvement, LLC Lenexa, KS

7 remodeling projects

$4,508 fine – certified firm.  Paperwork violations.

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