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Contractors, Remodelers Take Control of Your Destiny in 2013

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 03:12 PM

Business Workshops for Contractors and Remodelers who want to take control of their own destiny now. 

Warning: this is a straight forward post from a contractor business coach that may tick off contractors and remodelers who are experiencing frustration with their current business results.

Have you aligned your contracting or remodeling business to win business from today's consumer and succeed on a consistent basis?

If not how come? What are you waiting for?

Your busy competition has spent the past couple of years figuring out how to realign and remodel their business in anticipation of a recovery. They know that Harvard Housing reported last fall that remodeling activity will experience a double digit growth in the first half of 2013.

If you haven't noticed remodeling work is picking up. The realigned companies are reporting good and steady results and they are ready for the upswing. Are you?

If you have not aligned your business then the Contractor Business Success Program can be the key to open the door to your success and profitability.

Somethings you may have already realized or are dealing with.....
  • The residential construction industry and the way consumers buy have changed.
  • Consumers have easy access to wholesale pricing from the internet making it tougher for you to sell with a fair markup
  • Consumers know as much or even more than you about the products you install and the prices you pay for goods
  • The days of numerous leads and homeowners flush with money from home equity loans are in the distant past.
  • Marketing that worked before the recession is not working any more
  • Cost of generating leads has skyrocketed
  • The 2008 financial meltdown has made consumers skittish
  • Consumers are making you come back over and over again. They think your time is worthless.
  • Consumers don't understand why they have to pay for the cost of regulation, they think you should eat it. 
  • Consumers think they can beat your price down easily because they heared from the media reports on housing that you are desperate for work
  • Consumers are trying to get you to give them free designs and solutions and use your ideas and get the competition to do it for less with your ideas!
  • Sales strategies of yesterday aren't working like they use to
  • A price conscious consumer thinks they can get you to give them a Mercedes for the price of a Chevy
  • Increased illegal competition pricing leading to consumers questioning why your services cost so much 

Add to the list anything we left out and it does not take a genius to figure out that the way of doing business has changed.

In spite of these changes there are contractors and remodelers who are doing great. If that is you maybe you do not need to work on anything because you have it all figured out. Or maybe you want to check to see if there is something else that you can do to be more successful.

If your business is not providing predicatable profitable results on a consistent basis how much longer are you going to wait to realign your business? How many more times are you going to tell your children you don't have time to go to their rehearsal or game? How many more fishing or hunting trips are you going to pass on?

The answer: Realign Your Business, Learn How to Develop and Implement Systems, Take Control of Your Destiny, Get more done in less time...Register for Contractor Business Success Program

Your competition is busy now.....

Contractors and Remodelers who have realigned their businesses are now the competition taking the good jobs of the street. They have made the effort to work on their planning, business skills, marketing, proposal development, systems, effective estimating and they know their numbers. Good paying higher income consumers are fickle and want what the realigned remodelers offer. Realigned remodelers know this and are proficient at attracting these consumers. Is this something you want for your business? 

Or are you settling for the Leftovers?

What's left after the good paying customers are the low ball tire kicking consumer that everyone else is fighting over.

Take Action

If you believe it is time to realign your business or you want to make sure your realigned business is on track then we have the business program and solutions for you:

The Contractor Business Success Program with Shawn McCadden and The Contractor Coaching Partnership, Inc.

Your journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.   

Take the first step right now and register for the Contractor Business Success Program and make 2013 the year you Took Control of Your Destiny!

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