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Best ROI of 2013 Contractor Business Success Program

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Jan 06, 2013 @ 04:15 PM

Are you a contractor or remodeler looking for a great Return on Investment (ROI) for cutting edge business training and education geared to help you improve your business this year? 

Your answer absolutely! But.... with so many education options available how do you decide what program is best for you? (See the list of free forms and tools you get below)

Is it a wise investment? Who is teaching: someone from the industry who knows my world or some high priced consultant who doesn't have a clue on what I do?Register Today

As a Remodeler or Contractor you need to make sure that your hard earned dollars and time is wisely invested when choosing training and educational programs. You do not want to pay for a program only to find out it was a waste of time and money to pay a consultant who has no experience in the residential construction industry.

The Contractor Business Success Program written and taught by Remodeling Industry Expert Shawn McCadden and The Contractor Coaching Partnership. Shawn owned and sold a successful residential contracting business and is an educator, author, speaker and business coach. Mark is also a contractor business coach with over 25 year in the industry.

The forms, excel spreadsheets and tools we give you for free would cost you thousands of dollars if you hired someone to come in and do them for you.

Here are just a few of the items you will receive in six three hour workshops starting on 2/5/2012 at National Lumber in Mansfield Ma.                National Lumber

  • 18 workshop hours with premier Residential Industry Experts, Shawn McCadden and Contractor Business Coach, Mark Paskell.
  • Free Budgeting Worksheet Tool and instruction how to do your own budget.
  • Free Planning for Profit Worksheet to easily figure out your margin and breakeven point.
  • Free Margin Markup What if Sheet to tell you how to revise your pricing strategy.
  • Marketing planning and strategy to identify your target customer, target area and most profitable projects.
  • Learn the importance of developing your strategy before your tactics so your marketing differentiates your business.
  • Free sample Lead Sheet to use for incoming leads and instruction how to best use it to qualify your prospect and set up your first appointment.
  • Discover how your estimating method can help you create project payment schedules that improve your cash flow and give your customer confidence about making payments.
  • Learn how to use and get a Free and simple to use Excel Estimating Template to use in your business.
  • Discover how to create proposals that help you sell, differentiate your business, protect profits and manage customer expectations.
  • Factual updates and changes to the EPA and Mass RRP Lead Law
  • Learn the OSHA requirements for medical monitoring and respiratory
  • RRP Paperwork and work practice changes
  • Learn how being strategic about the customers you serve and the projects types you sell can help you improve your sales results.
  • Learn how to get prospects to open up with information when they call so you can do prequalifying yourself and train your team to do so as well.
  • Learn how to shorten the sales cycle and close more sales at the same time.
  • Observe and learn strategies and tactics you can use so you don’t have to memorize a bunch of canned responses to address sales objections
  • Learn how to properly catch and release certain prospects so you will have the opportunity to catch them again at a later date and turn them into customers.
  • Learn how your sales process and your proposal can help improve production results and profits
  • Learn about Pre-Staging projects, how to it and the benefits if done well
  • Get a free sample Pre-Construction meeting form and learn how to customize it for your business and customer type
  • Get a free sample Pre-Completion Quality Control Checklist Form and learn how to use it.
  • Learn the differences between a Production Manager Driven System and a Lead Carpenter System so you’ll know which one is best for you and your business
  • Get a free written job description for a Lead Carpenter
  • Free Lunch and Learn Session: For you and all workshop attendees a Free Lunch and Learn session before each workshop...

and too much more to mention in this post......

Programs like this cost hundreds...the cost to hire accountants to make the excel forms would cost you thousands and then you would hope that includes teaching you how to use them...and you would hope they know your industry...

 Shawn and Mark invite you to join us for this cutting edge best practice education.

All the above and more for only $750.00.

Ready to sign up and improve your business skills for this year? Click the link below.

Contractor Business Success Program


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