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Does networking really work? You be the judge.

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Nov 15, 2008 @ 01:55 PM

Recently someone said to me I was crazy to spend so much time networking. So it got me thinking was he right? Well some may think I'm crazy (and he may be right) so I reviewed my results from the past two years and here is what I found.

Working as a design/build and replacement sales expert for a large Worcester based company, Francis Harvey and Sons, my results for late 2006-late 2007.

Two referral groups; Corridor Nine and BNI Shrewsbury Golden Triangle.

$1,030,000 in remodeling sales.

Type of work; 1 house, 3 kitchens, 2 Bathrooms, 1 house remodel and various small jobs. 

400 Hours worked between the two groups. (This includes meetings, one on ones and networking events.)

$2575.00 in business for every hour worked networking.

Commission Income; a lot

Fees and expenses for Networking groups and related activities; $1300.00

February, 2008; Left the Worcester company and started my own Coaching Business; The Contractor Coaching Partnership teaching contractors how to run a successful contracting business using best practices and systems.

Networking Groups; Corridor Nine Referral Group and Eastern Mass NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry).

I have received 16 of my clients from referrals.

8 Remodeling Contractors

2 Landscaping Companies

2 Painting Contractors

1 Electrical Contractor

1 Excavation Contractor

2 professional trades

Fees and expenses for Networking related activities; $2300.00

All revenue for The Contractor Coaching Partnership has come from networking related referrals.

So you be the judge and ask yourself if my efforts networking were worth it?

One nice thing is when I worked at Francis Harvey, I had no competition on any of these jobs. I was referred, trusted and earned the business.

When I started the Contractor Coaching Partnership most people said it was a bad time to start a new business. But I wasn't concerned because I had faith in my definite purpose and knew that the work I put into networking would come to my aid. As a result I am fortunate to have a thriving Coaching business and I am grateful to my networking associates for referring me.

 If you or networkers you know want to benefit from Networking Coaching That Gets Results then call or contact me today and I will teach you how to obtain outstanding results for your business.

So please tell me (by responding to this post) if you think I am crazy to network or not, you be the judge.


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