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Thanksgiving; Practice Gratitude and Humility All Year

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, Nov 28, 2008 @ 12:51 PM

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we historically reflect on what we a grateful for in our lives. This is a time to express humility, gratitude and thanks for the blessings we enjoy in our lives and business. It seems natural to give thanks in the fall after the crops have been harvested. It is the time when we take stock of of our blessings and store up for the coming winter. Our year of hard work comes to a close and at Thanksgiving we reflect on our results. We are hopefully prepared for the long cold winter having harvested enough from our years efforts. If we planted our seeds and prudently nurtured them, we should have enough stock to make it through the winter until spring. For this bounty we express gratitude and thankfulness. 

On the other hand, if we have not wisely planted and nurtured our seeds this year, we may have limited stock supplies to get through the winter.

The residential home improvement industry 

The residential home improvement construction industry is experiencing a significant lack of backlog. Many contractors for the first time in years don't have enough work to take them through the winter. As an industry, we have not planted and nurtured enough of the right seeds to yield a harvest sufficient to take us through to the spring. No doubt the economy has affected us, however there are other significant factors that cannot be overlooked. Most notably, effective business planning, marketing, sales training, best practices and system development. The homeowner market has changed and the companies who embrace this change and innovatively adapt are going to be the survivors that prosper. Those who don't will have a hard time competing and may not make it.   

The intent of this post is to encourage you to be thankful and grateful for whatever blessings and bounty you have received from your efforts this year as well as the blessings you have in your life. Whether you have received much or little is simply the result of your behaviors and efforts. We tend to receive in direct proportion to what we give. Hopefully, your bounty is sufficiently plentiful, fulfilling and you have enough to make it until the spring.

On the other hand, if you find you have insufficient stock to make it through the winter it may be challenging to stay positive and hopeful. In addition to home improvement contractors, there are many Americans, whom for the first time in their lives are experiencing challenging economic conditions. In the event this is your situation, take the time to analyze your results, accept it and move on. Focus on the people and meaningful things in your life that you are grateful for.

Make a Gratitude List

I was taught from a mentor that when faced with challenging circumstances and insufficient stock it is helpful to take stock of the blessings we have. When we are overwhelmed with fear and lack of bounty we sometimes lose focus. If we allow ourselves to continually think about our lack of bounty, we attract more of the same. We get what we think about. So do the opposite and only think about having and receiving prosperity and bounty. 

A simple way to reverse the process is to take stock of the things we sometimes take for granted. Things like family, ourselves, friends, skills, our home, innovative self creations and discoveries and our successes. Take a few moments and write out a gratitude list of all the people and things that you are grateful for. List your family, your friends, your accomplishments, your great experiences and anything that you are happy and proud to have experienced and created. Allow yourself to re-experience the happy moments with gratitude and humility. This simple technique is a great way to re-align your thinking and focus. When you do this, you will find that you have a lot more than you thought.

The mentor told me that he makes out a gratitude list whenever he starts taking things for granted. He suggested, do it at least once a month to insure that you never get complacent. Playing it safe is risky.

Practicing gratitude and and humility all year long is an insurance policy that you will have many things to be thankful for every Thanksgiving.   

Challenge yourself and make out your gratitude list today! 

What are you grateful and thankful for?

mark the coach




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