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The Next Level Contractor; coaching to be "the contractor of choice"

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Dec 07, 2008 @ 03:06 PM

The economy has presented many financial challenges for both the residential contractor and the homeowner. The economic crisis has deepened and it is increasingly more difficult for homeowners to afford to improve their homes like years past. Many homeowners who can afford to remodel are standing on the sidelines waiting for the market to stabilize. Those who are remodeling and investing in their homes are moving forward very cautiously. Todays consumer is interested in sensible remodeling that has a strong ROI and a contractor that they can trust with their most valuable investment.

To sell and provide services to today's homeowner market, it is important that you are the contractor they are picturing in their mind before they hire you to work on their home. The contractor today's homeowner wants and will hire, demands you act and behave like THE NEXT LEVEL CONTRACTOR. If you don't represent this picture, the likelihood that you will be hired (at the price you need to sustain a legal entity and make a profit) are slim. To win profitable jobs you must show the consumer that they can trust you because of your high level of professionalism.

THE NEXT LEVEL CONTRACTOR is a professional who uses systems and best practices to deliver an outstanding remodeling experience with minimum hassle. To become " a contractor of choice" the professional contractor is an expert in his field, knows how to market to his target audience, has a search engine optimized website that educates his clients and is found on the first page when searched, has a well defined consultative sales process, has a system to professionally produce and administer the service, has a well defined business plan, has the right insurances and certifications (NARI, NAHBR, CLC, CR, CAPS) is licensed, employs professional craftsman who are legal citizens, pays his bills and creditors including taxes, has a place of business other than the kitchen table, has a customer service procedure, has happy clients nearby and more.

To succeed, residential contractors can align themselves with a contractor business coach who has experience coaching contractors. A seasoned coach will provide effective sales training for contractors using contracting best practices and systems to run a profitable business.

For example, if you are a remodeler, custom home builder or general contractor, your contractor business coach program could be customized to include; training for a residential remodeling business plan, design build versus architect approach, certified lead carpenter training, marketing and sales training and development of a production paperwork system. 

Contractors who adapt and change by developing and implementing systems and residential construction best practices to match up with the expectation of the new consumer, will become "THE NEXT LEVEL CONTRACTOR, "the contractor of choice".

Are you on your way to becoming "The Next Level Contractor"?

mark the coach


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