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Ice Storm of 2008, lifes' basic necessities, an early Christmas gift

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Dec 16, 2008 @ 09:16 PM

Last Thursday evening I went out for dinner with my wife and came home around 10:00PM with a lite rain falling. Just after 12:00 midnight we lost power. Little did we know that a few hours later our yard would look like a tornado had ripped the trees in the yard to shreds. For three hours we heard huge thuds from snapped branches and tree tops that battered our property and the side of the house.

The devastation was so extensive that thousands of people were destined to live the coming days without the things we assume will always be there. Items like heat, electricity, coffee in the morning, the internet, cable tv, a hot shower, the telephone, running water to drink, water to flush the toilet, water from wells, hot meals, food in the fridge and lets not forget, the microwave.

As the days without the basic necessities available progressed, it was humbling to realize how dependent we really are on the conveniences available to us in this day and age. Not long ago our ancestors were not so blessed with the many advances we enjoy.

We spent three nights in a hotel worrying about the things we didn't have access to and the status and safety of our home. We were in awe of the force of lineman, national guard and private contractors locally and from afar that were working night and day to restore power to thousands of homeowners. Many residential remodeling contractors, electricians, roofers, landscapers and tree companies were seen clearing roads and properties to pave the way for the crews to access power lines. I witnessed several contractor coaching clients offering generators and labor after hours to help those in need. We are thankful for their hard work and dedication to help homeowners and restore power to all effected.

Today we were fortunate to have power restored while many still go without. It is amazing how dependent we are on the benefits that we enjoy from electricity. A couple of days without power and life is turned upside down. 

We hope all our neighboring communities will have their power restored for Christmas. Our power restoration is the best Christmas gift we could receive. We owe our thanks to the hardworking men and women contractors who continue to drive up and down our street to help restore power to others as I write this post. If you see a lineman or municipal employee working to restore power tomorrow take a moment to thank him or her for their role in helping others have a Christmas with lifes' basic necessities.

How are you faring after the storm?

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