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Associate with positive people and protect your attitude

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Jan 08, 2009 @ 08:56 AM

We don't have to look hard to know that our world is experiencing some challenging times. All we have to do is turn on the TV news or weather and we are quickly bombarded with the realities around us. Things that blow up, crash, burn, crimes, job losses, scams, war all lead the news and dominate the broadcasts. We can protect ourselves from these programs easily by turning the channel or hitting the off button on the remote control.

What do you do when you are around negative people? You know the ones who are always complaining, bitching and moaning about how everything around them isn't their fault? Do you tell them to shut up, walk away, say nothing and nod, give them a smack?

Positive associations

I was at a NARI residential contractor networking dinner last night and was invigorated to be around professionals who were staying positive and upbeat in spite of the obvious economic realities. The weather was poor as we had another round of ice and snow in the New England. This didn't stop over 100 people from coming to the event. Their conscious choice was to be around other successful people and keep their outlook and attitude in check. Many commented that they are excited to be with positive people where they can share and learn from others how to improve their business. Many were sharing ideas on how to improve in spite off the challenges. Strategic alliances were forming before my eyes between contractors, subcontractors, professional services and suppliers supporting the contractors. Several guests decided to join our association. One said this is the place to be, with positive professional people.

On Tuesday, I went to my Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Referral Group meeting and heard some of my teammates say that because of the referral group members, last year was the best year they ever had. The members were upbeat and enthusiastic about the prospects and opportunity that lie ahead in 2009.

There is no question that the associations formed and purposely selected by these attendeees have a huge effect on their outlook and attitude. You can see it in the results achieved. 

In 2009 challenge yourself to associate with positive people and avoid situations and conversations with negative people. Seek out positive people and associations and protect your attitude. Determine to be enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead and strive to only allow positive thoughts in your mind as you encounter others. You will be someone others want to be with.

What are you doing to protect your attitude?    

mark the coach

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