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Residential contractors; is your customer service something to brag about?

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Jan 11, 2009 @ 06:57 PM

We always hear about the bad stuff, like poor service and unfriendly people, how about something different for a change?

This past week I was the recipient of outstanding customer service twice!

On Wednesday I received a call from my tenant who said she had no hot water for a shower and the heat was off. The problem, I changed oil accounts and ran out of oil (my fault). It was 20 degrees with a house full of mostly women tenants! Boy, was I in trouble. I called my oil company (CK SMITH) and got the operator. I explained the situation and she sent me immediately to dispatch, who took my call right away. Within five minutes, with me on the phone hearing every word, she was speaking to an oil delivery man. She said they would have me up and running within a few hours. After the oil was delivered and heat was restored they called me to let me know everything was OK and that they should have known better to arrange a delivery earlier. I said wow, it was my fault and they took the blame.  

On Saturday, we had an afternoon appointment for our digital box from the cable company (Comcast). The young man came, on time, wiped his feet, installed the box, answered all my questions, gave me some great advice on options to consider, (and I might buy them) was polite and knowledgeable. He coached me how to operate the new toy and made sure I was completely satisfied. After he left, I received a call from the company regarding was I satisfied with the service. They asked 4 or 5 questions and thanked me for my time.

When your homeowner client calls and needs customer service, how do you handle their situation? Do you have a process that will lead to outstanding customer satisfaction and happiness? When your customer calls do they get a pleasant knowledgeable person answering the phone or at least a pleasant voice mail? Do you return the call right away?

In this current market no one can afford not to deliver excellent service to their customers. With less leads, residential contractors need to make sure that existing customers are promptly serviced so they will stay with you.  In our contractor coaching customer service program contractors learn how to provide great service and also get more work while they are there.

Will your customer right a blog post to brag about you and how blown away they are with your service?

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