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A number for contractors that everyone will remember; 1-888-REMODEL

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Jun 23, 2009 @ 09:37 PM

Imagine you finished a large kitchen addition remodel project last year and the client has a party with several high income friends over, oohing and awing about the project. Several hours into the night, after a few martinis, one couple says to the client, we need to talk to company who did this. The client replies no problem just call Smith Remodeling at 1-617-456-7891. Of course the couple says thank you, write it down on a napkin and lose it the next day. Then they get busy and forget your name and number and never call, or worse call someone else.

Now imagine if your number is so easy to remember that even a few martinis won't prevent someone from remembering it. What if your number was as simple as 


Imagine this number plastered all over your job signs, on your moving billboards (vans and trucks), on your posters, on your website, at the home show trade booth. Do you think it would be easy to remember?

In this new environment we all need the edge over our competition. This vanity number is one of the best available in the industry today. It is easy to remember and if you are in the remodeling or home improvement business could you think of an easier number to have for your company. The number is available all over the country and can be programmed for specific areas by zip code! It can be rented by town or county for a small monthly investment. For more information on exclusive areas and availability, please use the contact form and we can let you know if the number is available for your geographic area. 


mark the coach


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