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Use an effective contractor sales process to win more jobs.

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, Feb 20, 2009 @ 07:50 PM

In today's competitive construction market it is harder and harder to win jobs without an effective sales process and sales training. Just a few years ago a decent contractor who showed up on time, talked well, looked good and had a decent bedside manner had no problem getting plenty of jobs. Most contractors with little or no formal sales training were very busy. The residential contractor now knows that being a simple order taker is no longer good enough in this market. It is critical to have an effective sales process and sales training to win jobs from the new consumer. The chances of succeeding without an effective sales process and training is small. In addition, the cost of leads has skyrocketed. Can you really afford to blow a lead?

An effective sales process starts when the prospect first contacts your company and concludes when the final walkthrough and satisfaction survey is completed. Your sales process should define the journey of the lead, step by step, from the beginning to the conclusion of the project.

All personnel who touch the client and use the sales process, are professionally trained on how to use it to insure a positive and remarkable customer experience.

When you and your team know what to do at the right time and the right way, you stand out among the competition. Today's consumer is savvy and will disqualify contractors who lack the professionalism and process expected.

How to win more jobs

To win more jobs first, invest in sales training from a professional sales trainer or contractor coach who has a successful track record in residential sales development for contractors. Sales trainers who are unfamiliar with the art of dealing with the homeowner consumer may have a challenge relating to your world. Ask your trainer if they have worked with construction companies and verify references.

Second, invest the time to develop a paperwork checklist system to document your sales process from the time the lead contacts your company to the final completion of the job. Once the system is defined it must be trained to all personnel who have contact with the client. A checklist system used properly, will insure that all steps are followed and will prevent miscommunication between the client and the company personnel. Without the use of a effective sales process you run the risk of forgetting crucial information that may cost you the job. Contractors are very busy and if we rely on our memory we usually forget something important to the client. What we forget seems to always cost us customer satisfaction and profit.

The time, effort and capital invested in sales training and developing an effective sales process will pay off in winning more jobs and happy customers. More jobs mean more referrals and profit for you and your company.

mark the coach

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