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Contractor Lead Gen Forum on Linkedin

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, May 03, 2009 @ 11:00 PM

This past week I posted a simple question on the Linkedin NARI group. It was, should contractor organizations and trade publications lead the charge to protect contractors from lead gen companies tactics. Little did I realize, that the thread hit a nerve in a big way with many contractors throughout the country. The responses blew me away and started a strong and passionate debate about the subject. This debate is likely to continue for weeks. The basic problem is how lead gen sites use questionable tactics to sell low quality leads to contractors. There are thousands of verifiable complaints about lead gen firms all over the web on forums.

Some lead gen companies claim that contractors lack sales training, marketing skills and business coaching, therefore they are to blame for their own failures with the leads.

I started a new group to discuss this subject. We have invited contractors, lead gen companies and hope to attract trade publications and contractor organizations.

The more attention we can bring to this debate the better to prevent contractors from falling prey to the tactics of the lead gen companies.  We hope that a spirited and tactful debate will spawn new ideas to improve the relationship between contractors and lead gen companies.

What are your experiences with LGC's. (Lead Generation Companies)?


Link to the new group;

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