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Mark has a unique skill set as a design build remodeling coach.  I have never been a salesperson by nature. And sales has been the part of the business that i have enjoyed the least.  Mark has taught me to look at my role not as a salesperson but instead as a professional consultant. Week by week I am learning so much more. I am surprised to hear myself say that i am actually starting to enjoy the the sales part of the business.  I highly recommend Mark without hesitation!  

Scott Hall

Scott Hall Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

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RRP OSHA Respirator Fit Test For Mass Contractors; Youtube Video


Yesterday, The Contractor Coaching Partnership and Safety Trainers, Inc. conducted a RRP/OSHA Respirator and Lead in Construction training for Massachusetts contractors. We developed this training to help Massachusetts RRP trained contractors prepare for the Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor application.

Many contractors have asked us to help them with the OSHA requirements referenced in the RRP training. The 8 hour RRP training does not devote enough time to OSHA requirements even though contractors are responsible to know them.

The RRP Lead Law was taken over by the state of Mass in July of 2010. Massachusetts added the OSHA Lead in Construction Standard and Respirator Program to the Mass RRP Lead Law.

          OSHA                              State of Massachusetts

Mass Contractors must supply a written respirator and worker protection plan with their Lead Safe Renovation Contractor (certified firm) application in order to obtain their lead license.

Respirator Fit Testing Video

Here is a video of Darcy Cook and Joe Ceccerelli of Safety Trainers, Inc. demonstrating the respirator fit testing required before an employee can wear a respirator for RRP work.  

Youtube respirator fit video

mark the coach

mark the coach

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this epa rrp thing is turning out to be like the cleaning up of three mile island what more does our dictater /darthbama/empera/extremist/treehuggers and his left wing cronies want. besides puting bussiness out of bussiness 1212 can not come fast enough god help us vote republican if you need change in your life or your bussiness call your congress/senaters/local rep get the word out about epa rrp and stop talking about nothing it is geting you no were remember they work for you and me the american people all the leftist are doing a great job getting there point arcross get of your ass
Posted @ Saturday, January 22, 2011 9:38 AM by paul k
Perhaps the RRP Training should include the history of Title 10 and origin of what is now RRP so the radical political wing nuts like the above would know whats going on. Also, perhaps something about the 320,000 children who have disabilities from lead ingestion which reveals the real reason for the RRP Law, an update of the law from 2001. Or, just polute everthing and look for a new planet. I'm not a tree hugger but I do breath the air and drink the water. 
Next time, have the honor and stones to give your name. Mine's Rich and I can be reached at 561-742-8284
Posted @ Saturday, January 22, 2011 10:57 AM by
I was one of the recent attendees at this seminar offered by The Contractor Coaching Partnership and Safety Trainers. Each of us, regardless, of how you feel about the governments interventions, have a choice to make. Either you can get on board with these laws or you can expend your time and energy fighting these laws while operating outside the law. Laws have been changed in the past through logical presentation and mature review of the facts. The law will not be changed overnight if at all, so you have a choice to make if you want to get on board and operate under the constraints of this law or work in violation of the law. Make your choice wisely and determine if you want to get on board now or miss the train as it pulls away. Once you are on board you have a chance of convincing the engineer to make the stop that may not be on his schedule!
Posted @ Saturday, January 22, 2011 1:10 PM by Von S.
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