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Contractors, Remodelers, EPA RRP Rule, affects 73% of Mass Homes

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Dec 12, 2009 @ 12:56 AM

I received data this week that 73% of Massachusetts homes are affected by the new EPA RRP lead Rule which goes into effect 4.22.09. In many older communities the percentage of homes with lead is even higher.

I have been told by some contractors and remodelers that they are choosing not to obtain their lead certification, instead deciding to work only on homes built after 1978. Residential construction companies who choose this route will be cutting out 73% of their market. In some towns and cities the percentage of homes with lead is higher, approaching 80%. Remodelers and home improvement contractors who decide not to obtain the training, will need to replace their hard earned customer bases developed over years of serving their established stable of clients. If you choose not to become certified are you working on a new marketing plan? 


Many remodelers and home improvement contractors are currently obtaining their certifications from EPA trainers. They are booking Certified Renovator courses and contractor business coaching to be ready by April 22, 2010. They do not want to lose business from long term clients or stop working in their core markets.

Choosing not to work on pre-1978 homes 

What will remodelers and home improvement contractors do if their long term customers or referrals from them, living in pre-1978 homes, are ready to do remodeling projects? Many homeowners put off their home improvement projects in 2008 and 2009 due to the economy. There is a pent up consumer demand for remodeling and home improvements. Homeowners are starting to come out of their stupor. Last week I was told by three lumber yards that October and November were the best months for business in two years. With that said, for those who choose not to work on pre-1978 homes, the following conversation will be played out all across the Northeast from Washington DC to Maine. The Northeast has one of the highest concentrations of pre-1978 homes in the nation.

Will this be your scenario in April of 2010?

Homeowner; Hi Mike (the remodeling contractor) how are you?

Remodeler; Hi Mr. Maguire we are doing great how can we help you?

Homeowner; Mike we are ready to do our kitchen, bathroom, windows and addition project we put on hold last year. Things are looking better and we are anxious. Can you come over? 

Remodeler; Oh Mr Maguire, I am so sorry. We cannot work on your home because it was built before 1978 and we have decided not to comply with the new EPA RRP Lead Rule. But thank you for thinking of us.

Homeowner; You mean to tell me you aren't willing to do our $175,000 project? Your kidding? We've known you for years and trust you. 

Remodeler; Again I am so sorry Mr. Maguire you will have to call our competition. We are only working on homes built after 1978.

If you are concerned or worried about this happening to you, obtain your lead certification now so you don't have to say no to your long term customers or referrals from them.

For questions on how to become an EPA Certified Renovator check out our pages on EPA Lead Rule and EPA Compliance Handbook. If you are a contractor or remodeler from the northeast we are here to answer your questions and help you with your concerns about the EPA RRP Lead Rule. 

Make 2010 your best year ever!

mark the coach  


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